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Related article: Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 18:50:34 +0100 From: Warren Mason Subject: after.florida.jail, Installment #2This is a continuation of a much larger story that starts in 'Gay-Authoritarian' called, 'in.florida.jail' go there if you want the genesis of the adventure. I drove down the hi-way, stopped at a mart and picked up a six pack of beer. About five miles down the road I found the turnoff that Heather had told me about. This was summer and gays came up and down this road to and from Key West. I thought my chances might be good to find some sex. It was about 5:00 in the late afternoon. I made a left and drove down the single lane road into the scrub and wild vegetation on all side. The warm air blew by me Preteen Models Toplist and the smell of the sea and other things gave me a nostalgic mood. I was also filled with excitement of the unknown. The thought of quick anonymous sex was a real turn-on. I passed the occasional car at a pull-in.I'd gone about half a mile when I found a parking area that had half a dozen cars in it and room for more. I parked and sat in my car for a moment, studying the license plates. There was one from Georgia and one from Tennessee. The rest were Florida plates. I snorted two good hits from the coke bottle and sat back with a beer. Five minutes later a Cadillac parked next to me. A man about 5'10" and 180 pounds got out of the car. He was dark, posssibly Italian with strong features and narrowed eyes. He smiled at me and said Hello.I said Hello and took a drink of my beer."Damn!" he said. "I should have thought to bring something to drink.I said, "have one of mine." and gave him a beer."Thanks! Don't mind if I do. Do you live in this area?""No." I am on my way to Key West.""Yeah, me too." he said. "So you don't know the lay of the land here?""I'm afraid not." I replied. "I was going to walk around after I had a couple of beers."He nodded and said, "Good on ya." I could feel his eyes on me as I looked out into the covering brush. "Well, thanks so much for the beer. Maybe I'll see you around." Then he walked off down a path that cut into the foliage at the bottom of the lot.I drank another beer. A heavy set man with tattoos on his arm and wearing a tank top and shorts came out of the path into the lot. He saw me sitting in the car. then he went to one of the vehicles and rummaged about for a moment and then stood back from the car looking hard at me for a moment, then he walked back in. I knew I was in the right place.I drank another beer. I was starting to feel mellow now. I took some more coke and laid back with my eyes closed, feeling that exquisite rush. I felt like a million dollars, young, desirable, horny and filled with potentials I had not guessed at before. After my trip with Heather and Carole, not to mention Heathers mom, I felt like a god.Once or twice I had seen men come to the edge of the path and then walk back in. I got out of the car and walked to the path. Brush and small trees surrounded me. As I continued I saw smaller paths that went off in different directions. I saw the man from the Cadillac approaching in the distance so I turned into a path to the left that headed to where I knew the water must eventually appear. The path I was on opened into a little clearing. At the further end you could see through an opening to the water beyond. A large tree had fallen there and limbs were extended parallel to the ground. I took a quick snort from the bottle and rested my hands on a thick branch in front of me. A man passed some fifty feet in front of me on another path. He saw me and passed on. I closed my eyes, feeling the rush of the coke.I heard the man from the Cadillac come into the clearing. Preteen Models Toplist I didn't turn. I just stood there, leaning forward. I imagined he had a nice view of my tight jeans and the ass within. Very shortly after I could feel him right behind me. I didn't move still. Then I felt his hips touch me from behind. I made a very slight side to side motion. "You are very attractive." he said.I reached one hand behind me and let it brush his trouser front. The bulge of his hardening cock was evident. "ummm." I said.He ran his hands over my ass. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down. His hand came forward and slipped into my pants, taking my stiffening cock into his hands. "Oh, very nice." he said.I pulled my pants down to my knees, arching my ass back as I did so and pressing it into his cock. His hands took the sides of my hips and he pressed back. I could hear someone else come into the clearing."You have such a beautiful ass." he said. "You like to be fucked huh?""I love being fucked." I said. "My first real words in the encounter. I twisted out of my sandals and took off my pants and hung them on a branch. I turned and kneeled in front of the man and opened his fly. He opened the top snap and pulled his pants to his knees followed by his boxers. He cock sprung out in front of me. A dark cock with a fat head. It curved up like a banana, about 7 inches long. I cupped his balls as I let his cock slip into my mouth."Oh baby." the man said. "your pretty face on my dick feels great."I slobbered as I sucked. I knew that this kind of intensity really turned men on. I saw a man move into my line of vision about ten feet away to the left, another older man, about fifty. He had a large stomach and short thick legs. He was wearing shorts. He had a cherubic face and was wearing glasses. He played with his cock, still in his pants as he watched. I took the man all the way into my throat and held him there, breathing through my nose. I felt wonderfully alive. I had both hands on his ass, pressing him into my throat."Oh sweet Jesus." he said. "That's fantastic."I let the cock come slowly out of my mouth. I licked at the head and smiled at the fat man while I did it.He pulled his cock from his pants. It was fat and uncircumcized, bigger than the one I was sucking. It looked like it might be nine inches long when it was really hard. It wasn't yet, but several inches stuck out beyond the grasp of his hand. I thought to myself that I was going to get a fucking or several here in the wilderness. I stood up and as I did I saw the man with the tattooed arms standing at the path's entrance. I turned around and put my hands on the branch with my ass sticking out behind me.The man I was sucking pressed his cock into my ass. I pulled one cheek aside and rotated myself against his cock. He popped into my hole. I groaned when this happened and pressed back against him feeling a couple of inches slide in. My ass seems to lubricate itself in my excitement when I feel a cock going into me. I had not rubbed any coke into my ass and the burn of his penetration added to my pleasure, just that touch of pain."Baby, you are fine." the man said. He began pumping my ass and I felt my excitement rise. I was so much more turned on knowing that two strangers were watching it happen and maybe waiting their turn. I had seen only older men here and I was just 22 and looked seventeen."Oh, you fuck me good." I said. He had gone all the way into me and the curve of his cock was rocking me right in my sweet spot. I fucked back at him and said, "Oh daddy, you're fucking me. Make me your girl. Make me your pretty little girl." As I talked to him I could feel the energy of his arrousal at my willing acceptance of his cock and my words spoken clearly for all to hear.He began fucking me hard and I moaned as he drove into my ass-pussy. I dreamed that I was dressed up like a girl again, that I had makeup on and that I was the reason this man was so excited. I was too."Oh baby, baby...I'm going to cum." he cried."Fill my ass with your cum. Shoot it into me" I replied.He did. I felt him pumping and jerking and I knew his cum was shooting into my ass. It was so wonderful being the cause of this mans pleasure. "Oh yes, yes, oh baby." he said. He leaned over me while his cocks spurts diminished and then said. "You are just the best surprise. Come see me in Key West." He was running his hands over my back. "I drink in the bar upstairs at Delmonico's every evening between 8 and 9. Please come see me.""Maybe I will." I said."Please. please do. I have a friend there. He would really like to meet you too." HIs cock slipped from my ass and I turned and kissed him on the mouth."I like drugs." I said."I'll get you any drugs you want." he replied."Okay." I answered. "Thanks for fucking me."He pulled up his pants and then quickly left, Preteen Models Toplist looking back once, I think to reinforce his plea that I see him. I had the oddest feeling that he didn't want to leave me there, that he wanted to take me with him right then, not leave me for these other men. But he knew that was not his right.I stood there with the eyes of these two men on me. Both of them had their cocks out. The tattooed man had a big cock too. I could feel their eyes on me. I was wearing only a tight t-shirt and my slender swimmers body bespoke the glory of my youth. My long hair, my innocent engaging smile and fine features. How often did someone like me show up in a place like this?They both came toward me at once. I held up my hand. "I'll let both of you fuck me and I'll suck your cocks, but one at a time. He was first." I pointed at the fatman. He came toward me and I fell to my knees again while he opened his shorts and pulled his clothes down. I sucked him good as the tattooed man came very close and watched, pulling on his hardening dick. When I had got the fatman hard, all nine inches, I stood up and grabbed the branch again. He shoved his dick into me and I cried out at the intrusion. I had to grab his cock with my hand to slow him down. Then he fucked me more slowly. I could feel my cock twitching but I did not want to come. It is a good thing that he came so quickly because I had already been close with the other man and this hard fat cock in my ass threatened to push me over the edge. He came very quickly though. I felt his hot sperm shooting into me and moaned in pleasure."Take my come in your ass you little whore." he said. I thought this was funny because I was quite a bit taller than him. I had to bend my knees to accomodate his cock in my ass. He pummped furiously as his cum unloaded in my ass. Then he pulled out and just walked away.The tattooed man was right there. I took his cock into my mouth. I kneeled there, sucking him with the cum leaking out of my ass and running down the back of my leg. I was so Preteen Models Toplist high and so free. I gave this man a wonderful blowjob. He kept saying, "ah, that's fine, that's really fine."When he was rock hard I stood up again and leaned over the branch. He fucked me very nicely and he fucked me for a long time, running his hands over my body and telling me how sweet I was. He kept saying he wanted to take me home, but that wasn't happening. I didn't respond to this. I just stood there enjoying that cock going in and out of my ass. I decided that I still didn't want to come, unless I came against all my attempts not to. After about fifteen minutes of his cock going in and out of my ass he said. "I'm going to shoot.""Make my ass your pussy." I said. "Just fill my ass with your cum." and he did, making unintelligible sounds, grunts. I squeezed my ass as hard as I could when he came. I had to. His coming had me trembling on the edge. I had to press my fingers into the perineum to keep from coming and I could feel pre-cum and possibly some cum as well, dripping on to my wrist. "Oh yes, cum in me. I feel just like a young girl with your cock in me" I said. My legs were trembling from this.After, he pulled his dick from my ass with a sucking sound. "I hope you come back here." he said, "I live here in Largo." He gave me his address but I didn't remember it. After, I had wished I had while driving away, but as you will see, it didn't matter. He left.I stood there in the clearing. The backs of my legs were sticky with cum and my ass burned with a pleasant fire. God it felt great. I had this wonderful sense of well being from having been fucked here in the clearing by 3 strangers. I wiped my ass and the backs of my legs with the inside cuff of my jeans. There was quite a deal of it and it made the fabric wet. Older men don't usually cum this much. I told myself that I had made this happen.I put on my clothes and walked back to my car, passing a small man coming in to the clearing. He pulled at me but I shrugged past. I would have to be interested to stop again. I made it back to the car and found there were more cars now and that some of the other ones had gone. I took some huge hits of coke. Then I drank a beer leaning against my car. Men came to the opening during this time. One drove away.I decided I had to go further on the path and find out where they were. I set off again. After awhile I found that the path ended in a really large clearing and that there were men standing by spaces that went into the brush. I could see three of them, or parts of three of them. I knew there had to be at least 8 men back here. I assumed Preteen Models Toplist that the others were having sex. I walked around with the eyes of these men on me. I don't have to time or inclination to describe them. They were just men, looking for sex, all of them older. I looked into one opening and saw a man as tall as me, about 40. He was pulling on a monster dick about 10 inches long. When he saw me he gestured for me to come in. I did.I entered a small area with a beach mat on the ground. He embraced me and his cock pressed against me. "What do you like?" he asked."I like to get fucked." I said. And I want to suck your cock. I kneeled on the mat and sucked his cock until he was very hard. I could get both hands around his cock and still the head extended out from my fist. I was so high I did a very good job sucking him and he said so repeatedly. I knew other men were watching becaue I could hear them moving through the underbrush. I expect they all could not stand at the same opening at the entrance.I removed my pants and kneeled on the mat with my ass up at him. He pushed his cock into me and began to fuck me. I was so turned on by all the fucking I had got that I decided I would definitely cum with this man inside me. My ass and perineum area were rippling with delicious electricity. My balls and cock too as I kneeled there and received that great cock in and out of my ass."OH yes" oh fuck me."You are a slut." the man said. "I seemed to hear this kind of talk a lot. Sometimes there was endearment, especially from lonely men with hearts who wanted love. But mostly it was hot and hard and nasty talk. He pulled his cock from my ass and turned me over. I held Preteen Models Toplist my ankles as he drove his cock into me again. "I want to see your face when I cum in your nasty ass." he said. "Look at me."I did. He had a hard wild look in his eyes and was all about dominating my ass with his big dick. I gave him my most vulnerable little girl look and told him his cock was the biggest thing I ever had in my ass and that he was tearing me apart. I told him he was hurting me. He fucked me even harder. "Take my cock you filty cunt! You're a dirty whore aren't you?""Yes," I cried. "I'm a dirty whore." The talking brought us both to the edge and after that I was swiftly cuming as his cock drove into me. As I came I could see faces watching me from the bushes."Take my sperm you litle slut." he said and then he came, grunting and saying "ah..ah..ah yeah, you little cunt, oh you dirty little cunt."After he came he pulled his wet dripping cock out of my ass and quickly left without a backward look. As I dressed, two other men came into the clearing before I could leave. They stood there with their dicks out, both of them about six inches. One circumcized one not. It's funny how I can remember these details. I blew both of them as they gasped and called me foul names. I throated them just as they came and they blew their cum into my throat. When the last one had come I got up and Preteen Models Toplist quickly made my way out and back to the car. As fine as it all was it was enough.I tooted up again before leaving and drank the remaining beer on the drive to the highway. Off to Key West I went, my ass burning from the cocks and the taste of strange cum lingering in my mouth for miles. I finally pulled over at a bar and had a scotch which chased the taste and then laved my poor abused pussy with coke in the restroom.When I got to Key West I went right to my brothers. He was not there and he did not show up while I was there. Someone told me he was drunk in the Bahamas with some clients and no one knew when he would be back. I knew where his key was though and I went into the apartment. He had a great apartment on the second floor with a large lanai that looked out over the ocean. MY brother was a pig in his personal habits but he made a lot of money and so kept the place clean by paying someone to do so. It was clean now. A big airy two bedroom apartment with wooden floors and ceiling fans and big windows. He even had an air conditioner. I expected I'd have a nice week and a half here.I walked around Duval St. for an hour or two, getting a feel for the place and buying some liquor. Then I went back to the apartment and slept until the next day. I didn't have any sex for the next three days. I was looking for something special. I put the coke aside, of which I still had nearly half of what ??? had given me.In those three days though I had gotten a good idea of what was happening. Key West was part hippie, big part gay and part fisherman culture, with a part that was also deep into drugs and there was a large Mexican and outer island presence as well.I found this beach where a lot of the hippies hung out and a bar where they also went. I wanted a girl now and I had been laying the ground work since I got there. I also wanted to have a man fuck me while I ate a girls pussy and while she watched it happen, maybe even cum in her mouth while I was being fucked.I had my eye on this one girl and I had been slowly getting to know her. I had discarded some other possibilities due to the presence of boyfriends and or other watchful eyes. The girl I had in mind looked like a little elf maiden. French peasant girls some times look like this. She was willowy and slender with nicely formed breasts and long blond hair. She had green eyes and a milky complexion. She never seemed to wear anything but her bathing suit with a parri around her waist, very Hawaiian style. I found out she was 13 and a half.The first time I saw her I was sitting on the edge of the wharf, smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. She was standing about ten feet away and talking to a girlfriend. Of course our eyes met because I kept looking at her. She smiled at me several times and acted coy, flirting indirectly by tossing her hair and twitching her hips while talking to her friend. As pretty as she was there weren't any boys around. Once or twice one might have said hello but Preteen Models Toplist the conversation was brief. I was mostly turned on by her unusual other-worldly look and her wise beyond her years confidence in her being. I did not get a virginal thing from her although, as I said, she was very young. But she seemed a risk taker, full of life and also eager.The next time I saw her later, the first day I was there I said hello. We exchanged some pleasantries and then I said I had to go. This was fabricated. I was learning all the devious tricks of creating interest while seeming indifferent. The third time I saw her the following day she was walking down the wharf to the same place I had been sitting when I originally saw her. I later found out she was hoping to see me. She came alone."Hi." I said."Oh Hi." she replied with false surprise."Have a seat." I said. And she sat down.We talked and I found out her mom owned a bead store in town and that they were from California. As we talked I discovered that she smoked pot, had had a boyfriend until a few days details though on that yet. She asked me what I did and I told her I wrote pornographic stories. I don't know where the idea came from (nor did I know that much later I would be writing them now) but it seemed like a good way to turn the conversation to sex.She asked me what kind of porno stories and was I gay. I told her i was straight and that I wrote stories about young girls and older men. She laughed and said, "You don't really.""Strange Preteen Models Toplist as it may seem, I do. I write for special magazines that pay me a lot of money." I went on about how I was just being honest and that I traveled and spoke to young girls about Preteen Models Toplist their sexual experiences. Sometimes I paid them to tell me."Really?" she asked. "How much do you pay?""Fifty bucks." I replied."Wow!" she commented."In fact," I remarked. "I've got to go because I am meeting one now." I started to get up."Who?" she asked. "I know most of the girls that live around here, well, not most but a lot of them.""I'm sorry." I replied. "I can't tell you that. I always keep those things in confidence. People won't tell me about their experiences if I give out their names and sometimes I have sex with them too, so I have to be careful."This set her back and I could see doubt warring with possibility in her young mind. I looked at her confidently and I felt my sincere projection convinced her that I was what I said I was. I looked briefly at her breasts when I knew she was looking at me and then said, "Well, I got to go, see you around.""Wait." she said as I got up. "Would you pay for my story?"I said, "You're too young to have any stories.""NO I'm not." she replied defiantly.I sat back down and said, "Yes, I would be interested."I gave her my address and told her to come the next evening if she could get out. She said she could come and go as she liked. I asked her how many experiences she had and told her they couldn't be lies."They're not lies." she said and there are just a couple of them.""Okay." I replied. "Maybe your stories will be worth a little more even.""Really?" she said 'really' a lot."Possibly." I replied. But you can't tell anyone or the deal is off.""I won't, I promise." she replied.As I was leaving I added. "Oh yeah, if you know another girl your age who is sexually experienced, she has to be pretty too, I'll give you twenty-five dollars for putting me in touch.""I do!" she exclaimed."But you can't tell her anything about us, or that you told me your story and you have to make sure she won't tell either. Can you guarantee that?""One girl I know won't talk. She doesn't want anyone to know.""Then how did you find out?" I asked."We were high and drinking one night, she stayed over and she told me but I had to ask her a couple of times to do it and she made me promise too.""Alright then." I said. "But don't even talk to her until we are done."The next evening, around seven o'clock she came to my door and I let her in. Let's call her Cherry, that's close to her real name and she surely was a cherry indeed.Young girls I have found like wine and sweet liquor, like Southern Comfort and Yukon Jack, that sort of thing. I had both.She was dressed differently this time. She had on a short tye-died cotton skirt which set off her brown legs fabulously along with a while tube top. She had a gold ribbon in her hair and had put on some lipstick. I thought this was a promising event.I asked her what she wanted to drink and she took a glass of wine. I made it a large one. She took one of my cigarettes when I offered it.I told her that I would ask for details on her experiences and also how she felt and whether she had ever thought of doing certain things, a lot of personal details. If it would embarrass her she should think about not doing the interview. She told me she was fine.I then said, "so you have had sex?""Yes." she said, "six times. I think six times, maybe seven""All with the same person?""No, two different people.""Who were they?""One was my stepfather. That's why he isn't here anymore.""Did he get arrested?" I immediately asked."My mom found out he was fucking me the third time it happened and she threw him out. She didn't call the police though.""Why not?""My moms a hippie. She thought I was already having sex because I lied and said I had had sex with a boy we knew. She's cool on that. But my stepfather was thirty-six years old. She didn't want the police involved. She just told him he had to leave The Keys or we would go to the cops.""How did this happen?""Well, we walk around naked at home a lot. When I got breasts and public hair my stepfather began to notice. He gave me a lot of drinks one night and some cocaine while my mom was off the island and then he fucked me. I didn't really mind. I wanted to have sex with someone. It just happened."Oh joy of joys, Preteen Models Toplist this girl wanted to Preteen Models Toplist have sex and she's done coke too."Did you like the coke?""Oh yeah." she said."Would you like some now?" I asked."Really? You have coke!"I chopped up some lines on the table and we snorted them.In a few minutes she was all expletives and shining eyes."And then your stepfather fucked you some more?""Two more times. Once while my mother was still gone and then while she was at work. But she came home and found us laying in bed after. It wasn't a fun thing.""Did you suck his cock?""Yes.""How many times?""Each time before we fucked.""Did he eat your pussy?""Yes.""Did you cum when he ate your pussy?""No, he didn't do it long enough. He wanted me to suck his cock more.""Did he come in your mouth?""No...but sometimes I could taste stuff you know.""Yes, I know." She was moving in her seat while she talked like this. Preteen Models Toplist I could tell the talking turned her on, remembering, and the coke helped her say goodbye to her inhibitions. Besides, I could tell she liked me. I was young and good looking and I had this very strange job and a lot of cocaine."Did you want him to cum in your mouth?""Not him especially.""But someone.""I want to try it." she replied.I said, "I can understand why he wanted to fuck you, you are a real nugget.""You like me?" she asked."Very much." I said. "how late can you stay?""Oh, I don't have a curfew, well, maybe midnight. My mom closes her shop really late."I was getting hard looking at this forming angel and now I saw her look at my cock and there was the tiniest flicker of tongue at her lips. She looked quickly away, he eyes had a momentary shiftyness about them. We snorted more coke and I got her another glass of wine. She was looking righteously smashed now and I thought I would monitor the alcohol end of her intake."Tell me about the other sex.""This boy. He was sorta my boyfriend. We fucked a few times then he went away with his parents.""Recently?""Just last week.""What are you going to do now?"She laughed. "I don't know.""Okay." I said, reaching into my pocket I pulled out a fifty dollar bill and gave it to her.""That's all?" the disappointment was marked in her face. This is what I wanted to see to go to the next step."Well, you've told me some things and I'm grateful but you must want to get on your way now?"She looked at the coke on the table and said, "But, you didn't ask me what kind of sex we had or other stuff. I don't have anywhere to go. Are you going out?'"Hmmm." I replied, "That's true. Well, I was going to go out, look for some fun, maybe find someone to come back and get high with me.""I can get high with you." she said. "I'm not doing anything." her eyes were pleading. She didn't want to throw herself at me but I saw with a little encouragement that I could have her. My cock twitched in my pants. I pulled at my jeans and her eyes went to my cock. No doubt she would soon be naked before me."So tell me." I said, lighting a cigarette and handing her one. As she took it I saw her eyes on my crotch again. "What did you and this boy do?""He just fucked me.""He didn't eat your pussy?""No.""Typical young boy." I said. "Did you blow him.""yes, he liked that.""Did he come in your mouth.""Not really. One time he came on my face. It was messy.""You like to suck cock?""Yes," she said, looking at mine again.I gave her some more lines and waited for the head to take hold. I reached out and took her hand and pulled her from her chair into my lap. Her mouth opened under my lips and I probed her tongue with mine. I carressed her breasts with my hand over the top of her tube top. I looked into her eyes and could see the coke rushing in the pupils. "I wanted to do that for awhile.""I wanted you to." she said.I ran hy hand up her naked leg and kissed her again. My cock pressed against her ass. I took her over to the couch and sat her down, kneeling in front of her. Her face was flushed and I could smell her sweet smell of younggirl sweat and and arousal. She was wearing some lily scent and it mixed beautifully with the rest. I leaned forward and kised her, slipping her tube top up off of her breast. I stepped back and looked at them. These were the most nicely formed tits I had seen. I kissed them and she moaned."Oh, that feels good," she said. I bent down and kissed her knees and ran my tongue along her inner thighs. She parted her legs. I grabbed her ankles and placed them on the couch edge and kissed my way down to a pair of green panties. I ran my tongue over the surface of the cotton where a small spot of wetness had appeared. I reached under and pulled her panties off and spread her legs and gazed at her pussy. She had a nice bush for a 13 year old. It was more widespread than Heathers. It was dirty blond in color. She had large pussy lips that were closed without any of the inner tissues extending. I placed my lips on her pussy and started to slowly french kiss it. The lips parted under my tongue and I found the clitoris and worked it with my mouth.She began to cry out and thrust at me. Her clitoris swelled and bobbed under my ministrations. She became very wet and I repeatedly plunged my tongue into her hot pussy. She tasted and smelled divine in that way that only a young awakening cunt can. I was intoxicated with her." one, nobody ever...oh no, oh're the best." she said.I stripped her remaining clothes from her body. She was gorgeous, a perfect ten in the making and hot, wild hot explosive. What a divine treat. I took off my clothes and I put a rubber on the couch. I had managed to get some in anticipation of the event.When she saw my cock she gasped. "You're huge." she said. It's funny, most gay men I have run into have large cocks, larger than straight men. My cock is only 7.5 inches long but it is very thinck with a very, very large mushroom head,which I can thank that wonderful doctor for, whoever he was. I knew that my cock being larger than the two males who had fucked her before would make it like her first time and I knew I was going to make this moment so memorable for her that she would believe she had not had sex yet.I retuned to her pussy and did her as I had done Heather. When I knew she was close to coming from the clitoral stimualtion. When I could feel the frequency of her waves increase, I slid her forward and pushed her thighs into her chest and buried my long nose in her pussy while spreading her ass cheeks and putting my tongue inside her. She went berserk at this, writhing all about againt my face. As I pressed my tongue as far into her ass as I could make it go she orgasmed. I could feel the liquid flow out of her as I fucked her hard with my nose."Ah..ah ..ah..I'm coming..I'm coming." she cried. And she shuddered for some time, her hands on the back of my head, pressing me in.I came away from her pussy and stood up. I kneeled between her legs on the couch and, without any effort on my part she came instantly forward and took my cock into her mouth. It was true, she did like to suck cock. It was apparent that doing this gave her a special pleasure.I said, "I'm going to fuck you now and then I want to come in your mouth. I want you to taste me. I want to be the first to cum in your mouth.""I want you to cum in my mouth." she replied. "I want to drink your cum."I pulled free of her mouth with difficulty, she did not want to let me go. It was awesome to see her young lust for cock in her mouth. I put on the rubber and then entered her pussy. This divine tight pussy was so wonderful. She cried out at the penetration and pulled her knees apart with her hands. "You're so big." she moaned.A few moments later I asked her if I could remove the condom. I promised not to come in her."Okay." she said.I stripped off the condom and plunged back into her. What a hot pussy she had. 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